Manaus Jungle Tours

Manaus Jungle Tours

Once you have decided that you want to experience the wild beauty and wonder of the Amazon rainforest, your next step is probably to do an internet search for travel agencies that book Manaus jungle tours.

If you do this, you will likely find dozens of search engine hits for “top Amazon tours” or “the best Manaus trips,” and this can make the process of deciding who to book your trip with quite difficult. This is compounded by the fact that the Amazon is an absolutely massive expanse of jungle, so it can be difficult to know which destinations to look for when booking a tour.

Fortunately, Amazon Deep Jungle Tours stands out from the rest of the crowd, so we can help you to easily see that booking a trip with us will truly give you the experience of a lifetime.

What Sets Amazon Deep Jungle Tours Apart

Many travel agencies claim to be the best, and they may even offer tours of many different parts of the jungle. However, the Amazon Deep Jungle Tours experience is one that cannot be compared to commercial trips.

We are a local business

Unlike most of the other travel agencies that bring tourists into the Amazon, we are completely local. Our founder, Eduardo Tenhave, is a proud native of the village of Maraã, and all of the tour guides and people who work to make your excursion possible are also natives who have spent their entire lives in the Amazon.

Because we are local, we have a few advantages over any other businesses that offer Manaus jungle tours.

First, we are completely invested in the welfare of both the local communities and the natural habitat of the jungle. This means that all of the money we bring in through these excursions is able to directly impact the local villages and help all of the people who call the Amazon home to thrive.

Second, our local knowledge is completely unparalleled. Everyone in our business has spent his or her entire life living in harmony with the jungle and learning as many of its secrets as possible. This puts our guides in a unique position to help you experience the Amazon in a more authentic way. They can easily point out useful plant life and explain how various flora of the region are used as food, medicine and natural resources. It also means that our guides can teach you how to identify animal tracks and spot animals that would generally be hidden from human eyes.

Third, we have specific connections that stem from our native status. No other travel agency in the world can allow you to see and experience the daily life of the Maraã villagers, but we have this special opportunity because of our relationships with these people. The Maraã villagers have a completely fresh and unique way of living due to their proximity to the wild wonder of the rainforest. We are able to give visitors an opportunity to have in-depth conversations with the natives and learn as much as possible about their everyday lives.

We take you where no one else will

Many of the large travel agencies will have similar, standardized lists of popular tourist destinations in and around the rainforest.

These locations are typically well-known and made to be very tourist-friendly. While the areas are still breathtaking and worth seeing, they are a much more “tame” and superficial experience, sort of like watching dolphins perform behind glass versus getting to swim with them in the water. Both experiences are wonderful, but one is much more active than the other.

If you enjoy immersing yourself in adventure, then you shouldn’t settle for the same tourist spots that everyone else is going to. Our Manaus jungle tours will take you into the nearly untouched heart of the Amazon so that you can see the jungle as it truly is: untamed and wonderful in its unique wildness.

We care about you

Any business will say that it cares about its customers, but not every business means it in the way that we do. At Amazon Deep Jungle Tours, we see you as more than a paying customer to ferry around. You are our honored guest, and we do everything in our power to treat you as we would treat our own family.

We strive to make our tours affordable and exciting so that we can share our love for the Amazon with as many people as possible, and we create every experience with you in mind. We are happy to accommodate any requests or specific interests you may have, and we love nothing more than spending our days helping you to create memories that will likely change the course of your life.

The Manaus jungle tours we host are so much more than paid trips. To us, they are the best possible way to share our deep passion for the untamed beauty of our home with people who would otherwise never get to experience the amazing wonder of the Amazon.

Let Us Give You the Best Manaus Jungle Tour Experience

Whether you want to spend a full nine days and eight nights in the Amazon or simply wish to experience a brief stay of two, three or four days, Amazon Deep Jungle Tours has an excursion that will perfectly match your needs.

Our long expeditions all center around the village of Maraã and the nearby Amazon River basin, but we also offer shorter trips to the jungle lodges of Maçarico, which are ideal for those who may not have as much time available while visiting Manaus.

Regardless of the length of your trip, you can rest assured that we will fill your time with as many of the sights, sounds and activities of the jungle as we can. By the time you are ready to return home, you will have gained considerable expert knowledge about the rainforest and created absolutely unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever.

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