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Eduardo Tenhave



Hi, I’m Eduardo. I am the owner and main tour guide of Amazon Deep Jungle Tours. I have been working in the tour guide industry in the Amazon for almost 10 years now. I started out by working for the agencies in Manaus, but 3 years ago I began on fulfilling my life’s dream.

My dream is to bring people from all over the world to Maraã, and show them what a truly unique and marvelous place it is, filled with natural splendor an a wildlife like no other place on earth. It is my hope that when I teach people (and hopefully you) about the Amazon, they will spread the word about why this place should be kept sacred and not destroyed by deforestation and exploitation.

The Amazon is the most amazing natural wonder of the world and should be kept so. Amazon Deep Jungle Tours takes tourists to the rainforest, but we do it responsibly. We take care of the environment we thread upon and we give back to the communities we cooperate with, because we believe this is how responsible ecological tourism should be.

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Samir Zen




I am son of the Tapajós river, one of the main affluents of the Amazonas. I’ve been working as a tour guide and naturalist for about 7 years, been blessed working in different parts of the 5 million km² of the amazon territory doing adventure tours, fishing tours, bird watching and scientific expeditions to get to better know the Amazon I  love so much.

I have also worked with local Amazon communities as a teacher and as a student, learning from them the knowledge I lack about medicinal plants, fishing techniques, ecology and indigenous languages and costumes. Since the first time I visited Japurá and Maraã with Amazon Deep Jungle Tours, I found myself in love with the area, the people, and the biologic richness of the place.

I have been working in different areas of the Amazon, but I choose Japurá and Maraã as my favorite place to be in, and to work on fulfilling my life’s purpose, to protect the forest, as I believe this is the best way to protect it. By sharing it’s wonderfulness with people from all over the world. So come and learn about this place together with me and have a great time doing your part in protecting this magical place.


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I am son of the Juma River, one of the best known and most magical places of the Amazon. I have been working as a tour guide for approximately 9 years in different parts of the Amazon rainforest, doing fishing adventures, bird watching and adventure expeditions.

I have also worked with the local Amazon communities to exchange knowledge about medicinal plants, indigenous customs as well as fishing and survival techniques. I believe the Amazon is a the most fantastic place and that we have a responsibility to protect this beautiful part of the world.

This is why I am so happy to be a part of Amazon Deep Jungle Tours, because this gives me a chance to share my knowledge about the Amazon and help protect the environment and local communities.

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My name is Moisés Cascais da Cruz. I was born in Paranã do Mamori, a community near Lago do Tracaja which is located 90 kilometers from Manaus. I am 35 years old and have been a working as a tour guide in the Amazon since I was 25.

On my adventures I will teach you how to survive in the Amazon rainforest. I am a great hunter and fisherman. I do camping in the jungle, and catch alligators and snakes to show you some of the amazing animals of the Amazon up close. I also know everything about the medicinal plants of the jungle.

When you go on a tour with me and Amazon Deep Jungle Tours, you will be completely safe, as I will be taking you to the area where I have spent all my life. We will visit the house of my brother and you can see how they plant and harvest the cassava roots, which is an essential part of survival in the Amazon. So come with us and have an adventure of a lifetime.

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